My arrangaments, transcriptions & original works

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Chamber music arrangaments and


Wind ensemble/s


Chamber music compositions


Wind ensemble/s compositions


Chamber Music

Transcriptions & Arr.

Many of these works have been arranged and transcribed to be played for myself or by some friend's ensembles.

Means that  'a priori' everything works well , but if there are doubts or questions feel free to contact me please!

Enjoy it!

* BACH - Fugue in G min 578 

scored for: 2 Oboes, Cor Anglais, Vibraphone & Marimba

Score       Parts


scored for: Viola, Cor Anglais, Double Bass,Glockenspild,Vibraphone & Marimba

Score       Parts

* PIAZZOLLA - Fuga y misterio  

scored for: Oboe, Viola, Double Bass Vibraphone & Marimba

Score       Parts


* Etude # 1

scored for: Tambourine

* Etude # 2

scored for: Snare Drum

Etude # 3  

scored for: Orchestral set + Tape



Etudes #

At the time I was doing my Master's Diploma at Amsterdam Conservatorium our teachers insisted on the idea of making our own Etudes to be played at exams etc. I did enjoy very much writing and playing them, and I am very happy share them with everybody!   


Banda Sinfónica / Wind Band

#Original music

Obras originales escritas para Banda Sinfónica / Pieces written Wind Band 

* 'Bocairent 1984, Homenatge als meus pares' - Pasdoble simfònic 

Score       Parts