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Here you can find links and direct download options for some of my originals works, orchestrations and arrangements.

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Symphonic Music

“Rapsodia Bocairentina” is a tribute to the melodies of a folklore dance tradition from Bocairent (Spain), my birth place. For generations these melodies are played by a duet of “Dulzaina” and “Tabal” (an archaic double reed traditional instrument and a wooden traditional drum).

The work is written in a post-romantic style, orchestrating the monodic melodies and making them construct a small story. It is a game of tradition clashes, the Classical Orchestal world with it’s glamour and popmposity towards the apparent simplicity of traditional folklore.

Transcription / Arrangement of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony Nº1 “Titán”

This concrete version was made for the need I had of accomplish as many possible colours and effects than the already accessible versions for chamber group. I include the – later abandoned but originally scored –  second movement “Blumine” and an optional organ part to be used in eventual Churches or venues with organ/harmonium.

1(+pic) 1 (+EH) 1 1 – 1 1 1 0 – T+1 – Hp *org. – strings [min. 1 1 1 1 1] 

Texto y musica: Eva Ugalde

Arreglo orquestal de Jaume Santonja

Plantilla: 2222-4221-perc.-Str.-Choir[SA]

Partitura general y partes disponibles en Alquiler por CM Ediciones

Music for Percussion

“V2” is a short piece written for two vibraphone players. It was intented as an excercise to develope the chamber music techniques of percussion duo playing, focusing on coordination and musicality.

These Orchestral Etudes were written for my own Final Exams at Amsterdam Conservatorium, and have been used since for auditions, etc. Click, download them and have fun practising.

High-School Level piece written back in the times at “conservatoire” in Spain. Three movement piece for percussion ensamble using the notes A-D-A-B-C-A as main material. It can be fun to play at music camps, masterclasses or big ensembles. Feel free to download it and play!  

Music for Wind Band

Overtura Esotica 

(2003) for Wind Band

Overtura per a Banda de caracter festiu, escrita per a les trobades “Com sona l’E.S.O” 

“LLOANÇA” (Marxa Mora)

[Cat] Marxa Mora per a Banda escrita durant el confinament en temps de pandèmia.

[EN] Marxa Mora for Wind Band. This is music played for concerts and open air celebrations of the traditional “Moros i Cristians”. 

“ALFREDO CAPITÀ” Marxa Contrabandista

Escrita en 2004 per al Capità Cristià de les Festes de Moros i Cristians d’Ontinyent amb la comparsa Contrabandistes.